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Andy Serkis to receive IBC2019’s International Honour for Excellence

The director, producer and actor will accept the award on Sunday 15th September

IBC2019 is to honour Andy Serkis with the International Honour for Excellence.

The director, producer and actor will accept the award at the IBC2019 Awards Ceremony on Sunday 15th September.

As well as inhabiting groundbreaking motion capture roles such as Gollum and Caesar the ape, Serkis’ London-based Imaginarium Studios produced Netflix’s Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle.

“IBC is where the technology, the craft and the business of the media industry come together,” said IBC CEO Michael Crimp. “The International Honour for Excellence has a long history of rewarding those who have transformed our creative vision. Andy Serkis has achieved this by bringing extraordinary humanity to computer-generated characters.”

Serkis added: “I feel incredibly honoured to have been chosen as the recipient of this year’s prestigious IBC award. In turn, I must share this appreciation with the phenomenal legions of creative artists, visionaries and pioneers with whom I’ve been lucky enough to dance with on this journey of next-generation storytelling.”