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Anton/Bauer launches Preservation Power campaign

The initiative aims to preserve up to 20 million acres of tropical rainforest

Anton/Bauer has announced the launch of its Presentation Power campaign in support of Rainforest Trust.

The campaign backs Rainforest Trust’s mission to conserve and protect the world’s most threatened tropical forests. For every Anton/Bauer battery purchased during the initiative, the company will make a contribution to Rainforest Trust’s Brazilian Amazon Fund, which aims to preserve up to 20 million acres of tropical rainforest over the next four years. The forests store up to 6 billion metric tons of carbon, said the company.

Anton/Bauer also supports Rainforest Trust  through its Videndum Production Solutions “Action4Good” Wellness Challenge. “As sustainability becomes more critical in the entertainment industry, Anton/Bauer is leading with products designed to minimise environmental impact,” said Videndum Production Solutions’ CEO, Nicola Dal Toso.

Over the past two years, the company’s employees have raised funds that have helped to  preserve more than 3250 acres of Amazon rainforest.

Andrew Hutton, head of products at Anton/Bauer, said: “Filmmakers are at the forefront of raising awareness about environmental issues through compelling visual storytelling. Anton/Bauer batteries power many of these impactful films and now, with the ‘Preservation Power’ campaign, each battery purchase will directly aid in safeguarding the Brazilian rainforest, empowering filmmakers to both inspire and support conservation efforts worldwide.”