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Speechmatics, Limecraft partner for automatic subtitling

Creates cost-savings for producers and distributors

Speechmatics has partnered with Cloud-based video production workflow provider Limecraft to automatically produce same-language and translated subtitles for audio-visual material.

The partnership is said to create significant cost-savings for producers and distributors, and dramatically increases the value of their content.

By incorporating Speechmatics’ ASR technology into the Limecraft Flow solution, producers can automatically transcribe their audio and video. Limecraft then uses the transcript to create broadcast-grade subtitles.

Limecraft Flow also enables automatic translation of those subtitles into any other language, allowing producers to address a global market without costly translation operations.

Maarten Verwaest, CEO and founder of Limecraft, said: “The proliferation of VoD and mobile distribution services has caused an explosion in the market for language services, and a considerable part of the market is subtitles created by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“We knew that professional producers would never accept garbled, computer-made captions. We tuned the solution to a point where it creates subtitles that come close to perfection. To do so, given that the ASR engine is at a core part of the offering, we tested various options from various providers, and Speechmatics’ technology outperformed them all.”

James Page, Speechmatics product owner, added: “We are proud to partner with Limecraft and provide our industry-leading ASR technology to enable their customers to ultimately drive valuable business outcomes. We see this partnership as further testament to the quality of our technology.”