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RTL Netherlands sets up with Orad

The new RTL Netherlands News studio has gone live, using a virtual set solution by Orad Hi-Tec Systems.
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News studio, RTL Netherlands

The new RTL Netherlands News studio has gone live, using a virtual set solution by Orad Hi-Tec Systems.

The RTL newsroom installation features three large virtual green panels, strategically located along the back of the real studio, and uses the Orad ProSet system to key the high-resolution content over the three virtual panels. The ProSet system extracts camera and lens parameters from each of five studio cameras, matching keyed graphics to the panels.

To ensure sharpness of graphics and video, Orad’s high Infuse internal chroma-keyer is used for keying. Augmented reality elements are also generated by ProSet.

The Orad HDVG4 rendering platform integrates with studio cameras to display high-resolution graphics and video content, rendering 3D graphics scenery in real time. Full-screen graphics, lower thirds, tickers and other on-air graphics elements are controlled by the Orad Maestro control application.

News studio green screens at RTL Netherlands

The playlist, including the virtual background and on-air graphics, are generated by the Maestro News Producer plugin, which is embedded into the Avid iNews newsroom computer system. The rundown is controlled by Sony’s ELC studio automation system, which triggers the Maestro created playlist to air.

“We were adamant that we wanted all the advantages of a video wall, without an actual video wall,” said Hank van de Loo, CTO at RTL Netherland. “After an intense evaluation process, we found that only Orad was able to provide us with the required technology to realize the augmented video walls we dreamed of. We are very pleased with the visual results we can now achieve and the efficiency gains thanks to the integration between Orad’s Maestro and our automation system.”

See the Orad virtual set system in action: