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Ncam opens new European virtual production studio

New location will operate as both fully-fledged studio and training site

Ncam has doubled its global virtual production studio footprint with the opening of two new studios, one in Prague and the other in Rio de Janeiro.

Both new locations have been rigged with the latest equipment and Ncam’s camera tracking solution, and will also act as training grounds for educational partners and provide a location for in-house experts to demo new Ncam tech and features.

“As virtual production picks up steam, the needs of creative teams are changing rapidly,” said Nic Hatch, CEO of Ncam. “Each of these new locations is not just an office and training site but a fully-fledged studio, giving people access to the tech they need to blend live action and CG with the same equipment used by the likes of Disney, The Weather Channel and CNN.”

“The number of smaller productions has grown exponentially in the past year, and we saw a real need for a new studio and training space in Eastern Europe,” added Vojtěch Horký, head of the Prague facility. “As the world leader in camera tracking, we aim to bring the tech to a wider audience through a localised approach.”