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Motion Impossible receives funding to develop Virtual Production Suite

Company receives part of Epic Games' MegaGrants fund

Epic Games has invested some of its $100 million MegaGrants fund into Motion Impossible to help the company further develop its virtual production suite.

The MegaGrants aim to drive 3D graphics innovation.

Motion Impossible’s virtual production suite enables producers, production managers, DPs, grips, and camera operators to visualise scenes and build sets via a tool where they control a digital twin of an the company’s AGITO platform using the real world AGITO Master Controller interface.

Once on set, the choreography developed within the VPS can then be replayed as many times as required.

It can also be used for remote training and familiarisation of the control surface, allowing the company to build a training platform that accurately simulates the dynamics and ballistics of the AGITO platform in the virtual world and widening the user base of skilled operators trained on the platform.

“Productions want to make the most efficient use of their time on set as they can, and by being able to pre-viz all their AGITO camera moves beforehand they can achieve much more in less time,” said Rob Drewett, Motion Impossible CEO and co-founder. “The VPS will also be able to capture data about the AGITO’s performance and that of the cameras mounted on it which will be invaluable for VFX teams working on complex shots.”

“We are delighted to have been awarded this grant by Epic Games,” he added. “Unreal Engine is an extremely powerful tool and by being able to simulate the real world AGITO’s performance in the virtual one we hope to be able to introduce more people to its capabilities and help them understand just what degree of versatility, flexibility, and speed it can bring to dolly work and more on set.”