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ARRI debuts remote production toolkit

Customisable toolkit allows operators to remotely operate ARRI’s cameras and lights from another room, or another continent

ARRI is launching its Remote Solutions toolkit, a customisable remote production ecosystem designed to give operators control of ARRI cameras, lights, remote heads and accessories from off-set locations.

Part of the Remote Solutions toolkit is Stellar, ARRI’s intelligent lighting control app. The app enables gaffers to change colour temperature and output without touching lights or approaching talent.

The WCU-4 and ERM (External Radio Module) are also available to allow crews to control focus and camera movement from greater distances and through barriers. The Stabilised Remote Head (SRT), meanwhile, enables camera movement and can be combined with a robotic dolly for near-set movement. And with web control, ARRI said cinematographers and gaffers can control camera and lighting from another room, or another continent.

“The pandemic has accelerated change and forced productions to adapt. With travel limitations and new requirements for social distancing onset, our connected ecosystem of industry-proven tools can be customised to create safe sets, whether working near-set or off-set, without compromising the creativity or technical control of production. This is just another way we at ARRI are enabling and supporting filmmakers,” says Stephan Schenk, general manager Global Sales & Solutions.