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LaLiga and Mediapro expand social distance of league coverage for India 

Companies have adopted new remote production techniques to maintain familiar programming for Indian subcontinent via Facebook Watch 

Production of Spain’s LaLiga coverage has undergone something of a reinvention during global lockdown conditions, as Spain’s premier football division has sought to maintain familiar programming for its international audience. 

The league has been working with its partner Mediapro to overhaul its production workflow for its LaLiga Show in order to master remote production techniques so that presenters and pundits could continue to participate virtually. The show is produced by Mediapro for the Indian subcontinent and usually provides pre and post-match coverage from a virtual set in Barcelona. 

The new remote operation saw presenters and pundits host the coverage via a group video call. According to LaLiga, this technical challenge “involves a circuit that begins in Dubai and travels to England and Germany, where presenter Joe Morrison and the two collaborating pundits meet, before traveling to Barcelona where the programme signal is produced. It is then sent to the Facebook servers in Los Angeles, where the signal is finally distributed to all the countries on the Indian subcontinent so fans can enjoy the show and all LaLiga matches via Facebook Watch. The full journey spans 30,000 kilometers.” 

Jose Antonio Cachaza, managing director of LaLiga India said, “We are pleased with our engagement with Mediapro to enhance LaLiga‘s viewing experience. Fans in this region are extremely passionate about the game and we are committed to fulfill their appetite for quality football content.”

Natxo Imaz, Digital Projects CTO at Mediapro added, “Football fans have evolved dramatically with time and the desire to watch quality content has compelled us to innovative techniques to provide fans and leagues with engaging yet exciting content.”

According to Nielsen, LaLiga Santander increased its international viewing figures by more than 48 per cent on the first match day after the competition resumed following the pandemic. In Asian countries such as India, where LaLiga is broadcast on Facebook, an increase of over 72 per cent was reportedly detected.