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Content creators: Give us access to OTT too

Survey of content creators and owners by PlayBox Technology UK found 63 per cent expressed significant interest in establishing their own OTT service

A survey of over 100 content owners creators in Europe, North America and Asia has found that while over three-quarters (83 per cent) do not currently operate their own OTT service, almost two-thirds (63 per cent) are interested in setting up their own.

The survey by PlayBox Technology UK addressed content owners and creators from broadcasters to YouTubers and vloggers.

Primary drivers behind the content creators’ interest were to retain control of their own content, to capture audience data, and most importantly to open up new monetisation avenues, said the company.

“What is clear from this small but significant study is that there is a real desire to provide a channel for content direct to the audience,” said Philip Neighbour, COO at PlayBox Technology. “Naturally, these people want to receive a fair reward for their work, with roughly the same number of respondents seeing subscriptions (33 per cent) and advertising (30 per cent) as the primary source of income.

“This very much underlines the way that PlayBox has been developing in recent times,” Neighbour continued. “We have taken our traditional broadcast channel management and playout technology and extended it to provide all the functionality you need to build and operate an online presence, through cloud-hosted services like OTT Stream. Users can use the functionality they need, add third-party facilities like Google AdSense if that is the right path for them, and pay for just what they need on a software-as-a-service basis.”