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World’s first AI-enabled cloud platform for content creators launches

Strada's goal is to give time back to creative professionals so that they can focus on storytelling, said CEO Michael Cioni

For Adobe and Netflix executives Michael and Peter Cioni have announced a new company which aims to drive creative professionals to work exclusively in the cloud.

Strada is described as the world’s first artificial intelligence-enabled cloud platform for content creators, combining a cloud marketplace with an intelligent workflow builder to help creative professionals improve the quality of their content. 

Michael and Peter Cioni

Strada CFO Peter Cioni said: Many developers of creative tools require their users to have a high degree of proficiency or specialisation. We find creative teams of all sizes often don’t have the time to become experts in every tool, especially when they only need a handful of features.

“Strada is building for a future where high-quality features needed in a workflow become available a la carte through our purpose-built cloud marketplace. And once the entire pipeline lives in the cloud, creatives will spend more time creating and less time managing workflow.”

Strada is backed by filmmakers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (This Is Us,Crazy, Stupid, Love), Jason Fotter, co-founder and former CTO of FuseFX, the principals of Ataboy Studios, as well as well an investment group behind Donut Media, Endcrawl and Goldieblox. Panavision president and CEO Kim Snyder sits on the Strada Advisory Board.

With the advent of new AI tools, diverse distribution channels, and evolving consumer tastes, the industry is standing at the edge of a permanent transformation that impacts what we create and how we create it,” added CEO Michael Cioni.

“Our early investors and advisors offer validation that what we are building at Strada is perfectly timed to capitalise on this transformation.”

Strada is currently in the process of being built.