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Vizrt graphics ‘seen by billions’ on election night

Vizrt graphics were used by CNN, NBC, Fox, BBC, Al Jazeera, TV 2 Norway, NHK, Al Arabiya and Mediacorp

Vizrt says over 100 broadcast stations employed its graphics on the night of the US election, with around 90 per cent of major broadcasters around the world using the company’s technology.

Nearly every national US broadcaster, and more than 100 worldwide broadcasters – including the likes of CNN, NBC, Fox, BBC, Al Jazeera, TV 2 Norway, NHK, Al Arabiya, Mediacorp – used solutions from Vizrt on election night. The company also partnered with Sky Creative Agency on Sky News’ coverage.

Vizrt graphics were used on touchscreen video walls, in augmented reality displays, and on mpas that guided the viewers through America’s complicated electoral college system.

“The goal of election night is to draw in viewers by taking vast amounts of data and making it both quickly understandable and engaging in real time,” said Petter Ole Jakobsen, co-founder of Vizrt. “It is how our brilliant customers engage their audiences and present on the fly that matters most. In essence, it is how they use Vizrt tools to tell the story as it unfolds that sets them apart from the rest.”