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Movistar+ backs Vizrt to appeal to younger audiences

Movistar+ and Vizrt have partnered to deliver a better and diverse content experience experience for younger sports fans

Spanish sports platform Movistar+ has turned to Vizrt to help revolutionise its sports content creation and better engage younger audiences. 

Movistar+ said that it has upgraded its studio with visual graphics to move away from traditional television broadcasts to appeal to the younger generation’s viewing habits. “We want to have a lot of simultaneous information on the screen, to keep our viewers engaged without losing their attention for a second,” said Julio Morales, #Vamos content director, Movistar+. 

Javier Coulouscou, graphics operator, Movistar+, added, “Since we implemented Viz Multiplay, everything has become much simpler. It has an extremely simple and highly illustrative interface, yet it provides you with a complete view of what the set is like… and on an operational level it makes it very easy for us, to control everything.” 

“At Vizrt, efficiency is at the core of our control applications, and Movistar+ serves as a great example of how sports platforms can benefit from the power of Viz Multiplay,” explained says Ionut ‘Johnny’ Pogacean, senior product manager, Vizrt. “By enabling a single operator to control all screens and video walls within one studio, Movistar+ has transformed its physical space into a dynamic studio for diverse sports coverage while maintaining its recognisable brand identity.”