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Sky Deutschland uses cinematic camera for Bayern’s Champions League match

Broadcast will employ ARRI ALEXA Mini for the first time

Sky Deutschland plans to use the ARRI ALEXA Mini camera during its coverage of the UEFA Champions League between Bayern Munich and Lazio.

The aim is to give fans a “cinematic feel” as they watch the match. The ARRI ALEXA Mini has previously been used in award-winning films such as The Irishman, A Star is Born and Green Book.

It will be used in conjunction with 27 traditional broadcast cameras, which will deliver the match in HD and UHD HDR.

The ARRI ALEXA Mini will be supported by the Trinity stabilisation system that has also been used in major Hollywood films, including 1917. Arri Trinity is a further development of Steadicam that allows more room for movement in all directions with maximum stability. The current set up was designed and put together explicitly for to be used at Bayern’s the Allianz Arena.

The broadcast will also employ Canon’s CN7x17 (17-120mm) lenses, with the footage transmitted in the stadium by a HD Wireless HCAM UHD HDR and managed by an OB van from Sky Deutschland’s partner, TV Skyline.

Johannes Demmel, production manager at Sky Sport Deutschland said: “By using the ARRI system, we would like to offer the Sky viewers an absolute innovation, an optical enrichment to the usual feed, as well as new perspectives. Although there are another 27 classic broadcast cameras from UHD HDR production, the ARRI ALEXA Mini will stand out from the general look of a football broadcast. The ARRI TRINITY system will also give the camera operator a greater range of motion and new viewing angles on the edge of the field.”