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Motion Impossible launches magnetic strip-guided dolly system

MagTrax made its debut earlier this week at the 94th Academy Awards

Motion Impossible has developed a new magnetic strip guided system which offers more flexibility and fast set-up for laid or set-embedded dolly tracks.

MagTrax users can follow a magnetic strip laid on a surface, underneath a carpet or embedded within a set.

According to the company, the strip can be arranged in various ways beyond what can be done with a regular track, including curves and the ability to move seamlessly from one strip to another.

Motion Impossible’s modular dolly system AGITO can autonomously follow each path while freeing up the control for camera movement.

Rob Drewett, CEO of Motion Impossible, said, “The development of MagTrax marks a key milestone for the operability of the AGITO and brings the dolly to a whole new level. Our R&D team has taken on board the feedback from our users to put together a revolutionary solution that will transform productions, from broadcast to live events to film.”

MagTrax made its debut earlier this week at the 94th Academy Awards where it was used by the team from Jitacam.  “Using the Agito MagTrax in combination with our Shotover G1 at the 94th Oscars allowed the JitaCam team to effortlessly transition along the stage for some amazing shots while concealing the path under the carpet,” said John Pry, owner/president of JitaCam.

“All of the award recipients were able to cross our path without even knowing it. It was both production and set design friendly and never distracted the eye with unseemly track.”