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The R&D and product development landscape: Motion Impossible

Rob Drewett, CEO/co-founder of Motion Impossible discusses the company's technology development and why it's venturing beyond the traditional focus on remote modular dollies

The pandemic galvanised our R&D initiatives. With remote functionality, the AGITO quickly became invaluable in minimising personnel on production sets so that social distancing protocols could be maintained. As it grew in interest, we were encouraged to extend the AGITO’s functionality, making it more flexible and efficient through the development of additional accessories like MagTrax and new device system arrangements like SkyTrax.

Furthering our efforts in product development, we entered a strategic partnership with Brownian Motion which led to the inception of ReACTIVE – a bespoke solution for 360-degree camera arrays and other large payloads offering stabilisation without compromise. As this was being developed, we were also awarded the Epic Games Mega Grant, which allowed us to fund the AGITO Simulator. This innovative tool can perform virtual demonstrations of AGITO’s capabilities and will aid pre-production. 

These initiatives marked a significant shift in our approach towards R&D. It compelled us to venture beyond our traditional focus on remote modular dollies, challenging us to explore uncharted territories in product innovation.

One of the most daunting aspects of expanding R&D is sourcing suitable talent in line with our cost infrastructure. We are in pursuit of individuals who possess both technical proficiency and self-drive. Though finding the right engineers can be challenging, we’re fortunate to be based in Bristol where the talent pool is incredibly rich. Equally, in this age of remote working, we also welcome candidates from across the whole of the UK and are exploring apprenticeships to foster and develop emerging talent. 

Transitioning from a pure hardware company, we are now evolving into a technology company with comprehensive hardware and software solutions. Our ongoing investment efforts are centred around strengthening our existing hardware team with software and UX experts to enhance control and automation processes across our product lines. We’re also working hard to promote the use of AGITO in broadcast and studios, which will become increasingly popular following the arrival of the new control software we’re launching at IBC.

We’re excited about developing technology that complements and elevates our existing product range. We’re focused on creating tools that amplify the efficiency of using AGITO and ReACTIVE, thereby capturing the imagination and meeting the evolving needs of broadcasters, studios, producers, and camera operators alike.