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Gravity Media uses innovative speciality cameras to capture Billie Jean King Cup

Company is utlising NetCam, a dual UHD camera platform that offers full remote shading and racking

As part of its role as host broadcaster for the Billie Jean King Cup tennis tournament in Glasgow, Gravity Media is capturing the action with 24 cameras across both courts using Gravity’s innovative speciality camera solution, NetCam.

This is the second year in a row Gravity Media has served as the event’s host broadcaster following the success of the Finals event in Prague in 2021.

Gravity Media has two state-of-the-art rigid trucks on site as well as the 24 cameras and NetCam, a dual UHD camera platform that offers full remote shading and racking, enabling it to be mounted quickly and easily to any net to capture all the elements of the games.

Teams from Gravity Media’s UK and France bases have joined forces to support and deliver the event.

The company has created a hybrid approach for the production alongside International Tennis Federation, with the world feed being cut on-site for over 40 broadcasters in 196 territories.

Additional commentary is being added alongside editorial content remotely at Gravity Media’s Production Centre in Chiswick, London for rightsholders.

Brooke Hockley, broadcast manager at ITF said:“The Gravity Media team have an unprecedented understanding of the unique event format of the Billie Jean King Cup as well as tennis and large major events in general. The team and their knowledge have fulfilled both what the ITF want to showcase from the event and broadcaster’s needs. It’s been wonderful to work with such an experienced team who utilise a complete end-to-end solution, from the technical side and production to the editorial deliverables with fast turnarounds.”