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EBU: Artificial intelligence will drive the future of production

The European Broadcasting Union's head of strategy suggests AI will help to simplify the skills needed in production in the next few years

Technologies such as 5G, AI and remote production will drive the future of production for public service broadcasters, according to the EBU’s head of strategy.

In a blog post, Jonathan Broughton predicts the way media is produced will evolve over the next few years, with 5G, remote production and cloud all featuring.

He suggests AI will begin to have a major impact on production, helping to simplify the skills needed.

“Rather than needing editors with specific understanding of editing suites, AI can be trained to perform this task and then directed by a relatively unskilled user,” writes Broughton. “New skills will likely be more transferable and concerned with ideal ways to communicate and instruct AI.”

AI will also be used in other areas, such as copywriting, fact-checking and research, suggests Broughton.

In terms of distribution, AI tools are “well-placed” to replace algorithmic recommendation engines, he ads, and will employ deep-learning techniques to serve up content to viewers instead.

Broughton’s blog looks at four other disruptors for 2023, including FAST, the metaverse and the battle for viewer eyeballs.