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Accedo goes out-of-the-box for sport, Mo-Sys helps cinematographers pull focus, and more

TVBEurope rounds up the latest products and solutions news from Accedo, Mo-Sys, and Grabyo

Accedo has launched a new out-of-the-box sports video solution that enables sport organisations to launch, manage and monetise their own video service.

Accedo Play – Sports lets sports, rights holders, federations, and clubs deliver a video centric hub for their brand as well as monetise across core revenue streams, such as direct video revenue streams.

The solution supports a wide range of editorial content, from highlight reels to full live matches, across multiple device platforms and includes distribution to social channels.

Michael Lantz, CEO Accedo, said: “Many sports organisations are already producing video content to distribute through Youtube, and other social channels. We believe that revenue potential and fan engagement will be significantly improved by a branded experience powered by Accedo Play – Sports. The new solution offers great possibilities for sports organisations to aggregate their content, create new revenue streams and engage their audience – from the casual viewer to the diehard fan.”

Mo-Sys helps cinematographers pull focus

Mo-Sys Engineering has announced Cinematic XR Focus, an innovation that enables cinematographers to pull focus between real foreground objects and virtual objects displayed on an LED wall in the background.

Until now, cinematographers have been unable to do this because the lens focal plane stops at the LED wall. With the Cinematic XR Focus, focus pullers can use the same wireless lens control system they’re accustomed to and pull focus seamlessly from real objects through the LED wall to focus on virtual objects that appear to be positioned behind the LED wall. Reverse focus pull is also possible.

Cinematic XR Focus, an option for Mo-Sys’ VP Pro virtual production software and used together with the company’s StarTracker camera tracking technology, synchronises the lens controller with the output of Unreal Engine graphics. This solution relies on StarTracker for constant tracking of the distance between the camera and the LED wall, the company said.

Grabyo, take to the cloud for new live digital motorsports news channel

Grabyo is working with on the world’s first live digital motorsports news channel entirely in the cloud.

The new channel is using Grabyo Producer, Grabyo’s cloud-based live production platform, to create its daily live news programming.

Because the production platform is available to use remotely, the channel’s production team can access it from anywhere in the world. also plans to deliver clips and video packages in real-time to its social media channels using Grabyo’s live clipping service and cloud editing tools.

Eric Gilbert, president said, “Partnering with Grabyo will also allow us to deliver TV-quality short form video outputs to our 56 million monthly users across our web platforms and also on our social channels. We know that our viewers are looking for more access to motorsports content throughout the week, and our mission is to ensure nobody misses a thing.”