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xG Gameplan maximises ad spot inventory

IBC2017 sees the first European presentation of a new approach to maximising ad spot inventory from Imagine Communications. Using the scale and power of virtualised processing and the cloud, the new xG Gameplan aims to enable media companies to generate additional revenue by meeting audience targets while consuming the minimal amount of commercial airtime.

Imagine observed that broadcasters and other advertising-funded media organisations are looking to maximise revenues, which in turn means maximising the value of advertising inventories.

According to the company, it’s a perishable commodity – once a commercial break is gone, it’s gone – so media companies are now focusing on getting the most value from the inventory, through delivering the target audience to the advertisers with fewer spots.

Sarah Foss, chief product officer of advertising management, Imagine Communications, said: “Inventory holders must use their greatest asset more efficiently, freeing up airtime to make more money.

We designed xG Gameplan to do just that, to alter the playing field so that our customers can meet the audience targets of their advertisers on quality campaigns but consume much less airtime in the process.”

The software uses cloud-native processing to optimise the booking of slots, backed by extremely detailed audience measurement and demographics.

The aim is to ensure that all advertising placement opportunities earn the maximum revenue, without over-delivery across a campaign.