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Working QA magic for pay-TV

End-to-end testing and QA tools and services designed to validate digital media systems for operators around the globe are the IBC focus for Eurofins.

The company explained it helps pay-TV operators to increase test coverage and consistency to provide service validation, insights into the end-user experience and performance monitoring for quality assurance.

Specifically, Eurofins is demonstrating how it believes its TestWizard test automation system can help reduce the time spent on repetitive, manual tests.

The company claimed to provide efficient and reliable automated test cases that support a more continuous delivery environment for operators’ next-gen TV and video services.

TestWizard – through its modular and cloud-based architecture – is said to provide the functionality to fully automate and manage test execution on multiple devices, including set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets and games consoles.

Eurofins claimed it ensures optimal efficiency in preparation, execution, reporting and maintenance of automated tests.