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Workflow islands seamlessly connected

Adaptability has created infinite opportunities for the broadcast industry says Roland Ollek, CEO sales and marketing, Guntermann & Drunck

Looking at the state of our industry today from G&D’s point of view, I believe the best description is absolute adaptability. The ability to keep pace with technology and take advantage of almost limitless opportunities is what is driving the broadcasting business.

Examples of absolute adaptability can be seen in the almost instant switch from HD to 4K in the move towards ever increasing resolution. With new ways of distribution, there’s a nearly unlimited reach in playout. In fact, with traditional broadcast technologies merging with high performance IT, there are virtually no technical boundaries.

There is a prosperous future in store for all those who are preparing to take advantage within the right parameters. The key is to create an infrastructure that provides enough flexibility to allow the organisation to develop.

It goes without saying that adaptability and compatability are at the heart of every G&D KVM system. A KVM system can often become the backbone of a complete infrastructure so it is important our systems provide a wide range of options to upgrade. Future proofing can start with point-to-point extenders that can be connected to a matrix later on if growth of the installation is accompanied by a demand for shared system access.

Brilliant image quality is another area where we look to the future. G&D’s R&D team have put enormous effort into developing cutting-edge compression algorithms that provide superb image quality even with high bandwidth video. At IBC, we are presenting ‘level 3’ – our latest stage of high dynamic image processing, making our existing systems look even brighter.

When installing a futureproof installation, size also needs to be considered. A disparate and cluttered range of systems operating in isolation can easily be a trap to fall into through meeting different broadcast applications – from acquisition via ingest and post to playout. For such system architectures, we have developed the new G&D matrix grid for complex infrastructures.

This allows interconnecting such isolated and individual ‘islands’ into one homogenous KVM network. To enable bidirectional communication, a number of matrix switches can be linked together, allowing any connected user to access any connected computer system, independent of their individual location.

With this constant flow of new products and innovation, I believe KVM technology is the epitome of the absolute adaptability required by today’s broadcasting industry. It is living proof of how many common IT technologies have merged with broadcast-specific technologies to the point where our working life cannot be imagined otherwise. To see our very latest adaptable innovations, please visit our stand at IBC. And don’t miss our SDI applications while you’re there!