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Pixotope enables intercontinental real-time virtual production

Camera tracking was deployed in Jeddah, with the graphics engine situated 3500 miles away in NEP's Hilversum headquarters

Pixotope has collaborated with NEP The Netherlands to enable real-time virtual production between continents in the inaugural E1 Series speedboat race.

NEP The Netherlands leveraged Pixotope’s remote markerless through-the-lens (TTL) camera tracking for the first race in the new E1 Series electric speedboat competition.

Pixotope camera tracking was deployed on-site in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with the graphics engine situated 3500 miles away in NEP’s Hilversum headquarters, said the company.

NEP was able to embed tracking data within the SDI signal alongside the camera feed before transmission to The Netherlands via a contribution link.

Daan Zeestraten, manager of graphics operations at NEP The Netherlands, said: “We are incredibly pleased with the outcomes of our collaboration with Pixotope. Their camera tracking solutions allowed us to harness the full potential of remote production, resulting in substantial reductions in on-site crew and equipment.

“This not only cut down our travel and logistical expenses but also underscored our commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, the streamlined workflow afforded us greater agility in addressing last-minute changes or technical challenges, ensuring a seamless broadcast for the E1 Series.”

Javier Reyes, technical product manager at Pixotope, added, “Instead of rigorous and resource-intensive on-location setups, our customers can now minimise their on-site footprint while increasing flexibility and efficiency. It’s a lower barrier to entry that enables the creation of rich, immersive experiences once limited to the confines of a local network. This symbolises the next phase of virtual production accessibility for the entire broadcast industry.”