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A Wearable and Virtual Reality

Always one of the most popular and exciting areas of IBC, the IBC Future Zone outside Hall 8 is essential to everyone’s show itinerary containing intrigue and prototype which may have a baring on tomorrow’s media today.

As ever there is a tease of cutting-edge science experiment and daring product that we have managed to sneak out of the labs of universities, broadcasters and research institutes.

Among them are exhibits from BBC R&D, Austria’s Joanneum Research, TIE Kinetix and 3D audio specialists Swiss Audec.

Since Future Zone technologies bleed into real world production you can follow the story of some them in the IBC Conference.

Markus Gross, director of Walt Disney’s research lab in Zurich, for example, talks of the disruption that surrounds the content creation and distribution industries.

There is also a special emphasis on Wearables and Virtual Reality – itself a wearable.

Their impact on content storytelling and engagement is explored further in Conference sessions like ‘Wearable Wearables; Disrupting Storytelling; and 360 Content and Virtual Reality: A new creative medium or gamers’ paradise?’

Don’t forget to check the Technical Posters, also presented in the IBC Future Zone, for eye-catching theory which could become tomorrow’s reality.