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Industry Insights

Ken Blakeslee, who has produced today’s panel with Terry Marsh, reminds delegates that the rules – such as they are – as far as interactive entertainment is concerned are changing, and fast.

“People are now carrying with them devices with capabilities that far exceed that of the so-called ‘Smart TV’ in the living room,” says Blakeslee. “This session explores the ‘art of the possible’ in technology terms, what consumers are being offered and how they are using capabilities at their disposal to curate their own combinations.”

The panel will also provide a ‘best guess’ glimpse of how this might unfold over the next few years and the ecosystem falling into place that enables new business models for interactive content delivery. Of course, there are different views of how these new business models might evolve, not least the importance of second screens for enhanced material, data, background, fast-moving stats and so forth, leaving the giant screen for more general information.

The session will include discussion on social networks, augmented reality, gaming, virtual reality and wearable multi-sensory technologies, all of which are enabling new types of experiential entertainment to be enjoyed and shared.

This is also an interactive session with demos of relevant innovations, discussion/debate with a panel of cross industry experts and comments and questions from delegates and ‘Digital Natives’ attending. An A3 glossy ‘Market Map’ prepared specifically for the session will also be discussed and made available to delegates.