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Pebble Beach Systems: Small channel controller sets sail

IBC is the European launch site for Marina Lite, optimised for small scale systems of up to four channels.

Based on the company’s flagship automation platform which currently controls in excess of 300 channels, Marina Lite benefits from Marina’s configurable control layer. Each configuration is available with fault tolerant options, such as 1+1 redundancy with fully automatic changeover.

Marina Lite has drivers for over 20 third party devices, and interfaces to many popular traffic systems. Automatic caching from nearline storage to the playout devices is also provided. Systems can be upgraded from 1 to 4 channels, and if the number of devices to be controlled should grow, or the channel count needs to increase, the entire system can be upgraded to the full Marina enterprise solution.

“Marina Lite delivers world class automation at an affordable price to broadcasters with low channel counts,” said managing director, Peter Hajittofi. “Based on the proven and resilient 64-bit client-server architecture of our enterprise level Marina automation platform, Marina Lite is capable of controlling traditional legacy products as well as emerging solutions within video, IT and hybrid infrastructures. One of its major strengths is the highly intelligent and flexible playlist, which has the ability to control highly reactive channels with frequent late scheduling changes.”