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No more five-year development cycles

A core element behind the success of the IP Interoperability Zone has been the enabling work done with the AMWA Incubator project at workshop sessions in London, Manchester,
and Wuppertal.

“Built on the Joint Taskforce for Networked Media reference architecture, it had a solid founding as a basis for the starting point for the early participants,” said Neil Dunstan, AMWA’s director of membership. “At the workshops we had 30 participating companies, all bringing their developed software to an open development environment, and making it work successfully with all the other participants’ software.

That is the goal that we have been striving for. Building on what’s happened with the Incubator, it will broaden.”

Dunstan’s pick as the key element of the interoperability event is the gathering of the trade associations. “Those organisations, working on disparate elements of IP technology, are ensuring together that they inform a uniform whole, which will introduce genuine interoperable products so users can build best-of-breed systems which are reliable,” he said.

Speed is now necessary because the market is moving incredibly quickly. The end users who want their media companies to be successful are having to adapt at a faster rate than they have ever needed, and with the new players using IP for delivering content to the home we do not have the luxury of three- or five-year development cycles, which worked perfectly two decades ago.

Everyone needs to be quicker on their feet.”