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Multi-battery Micro Charger upgraded

The Micro Charger, which PAG claims is the broadcast industry’s smallest, most economic multi-battery charger, is now available for the PAGlink V-Mount System of intelligent linking batteries. The upgraded charger features a new, tougher moulded housing and is designed to accept DC as well as AC input.

The charging unit clips onto the V-Mount contacts of a single PAGlink battery, which can be linked to up to seven additional batteries of any rated capacity, in any state of charge. The charger addresses the most-discharged batteries first and then fully charges all the batteries in the stack simultaneously.

The ability to charge multiple batteries, using one channel, is unique to the PAGlink system. Using the Micro Charger, three fully discharged 96Wh batteries can be fully charged in 12 hours, without user intervention.

As with the recently launched Gold Mount Micro Charger, the V-Mount version can be powered from 100-240V AC supplies, using the PSU supplied, as well as 5V to 20V DC supplies. DC power cables included allow charging via a USB output or a dashboard lighter socket.