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Draco OPS extender unveiled

A Draco OPS extender module for use with its KVM extenders and matrix switches is on display at the IHSE stand.

The Draco OPS extender provides a single KVM CON unit in a module constructed to the OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) standard. Developed in partnership with Eyevis, the module can be inserted directly into monitors with a compatible OPS slot, enabling the display to act as a monitor for the Draco tera KVM matrix switch with no additional external devices.

Enno Littmann, managing director, IHSE, said: “Keeping the total number of devices to a minimum in any system helps increase reliability, power consumption and integration complexity.

The OPS system is ideally suited to multi-display installations, such as videowalls and control room displays, where Eyevis EYE-LCD displays are commonly used.

Together we have produced a system that allows an HD monitor to be plugged directly into a KVM switch or extender, using just a single CatX or fibre connection, reducing the need for an additional interface box for each screen.”