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Appear TV: Universal encoding/decoding system

Claimed to provide the broadcast industry with the ultimate in quality and flexibility, Appear TV’s Universal product family is said to enable operators to move to new highly flexible encoding architectures, such as localised encoding that can maintain the highest quality while simultaneously maximising flexibility.

“Encoding, which has been traditionally where most money has been spent on equipment by operators, was initially provided by high-cost single box per channel solutions,” said Carl Walter Holst, CEO of Appear TV. “The industry then progressed to more efficient and cost-effective centralised rack-based encoding. The next move is the most exciting of all, with virtualised encoding deployed through ‘pools’ of potentially de-centralised encoding and transcoding resources.”

“Having looked closely at video coding software and hardware roadmaps over the near- and medium term we are convinced that hardware encoding and transcoding is essential if you want the highest quality or if you have a complex broadcast or multiscreen offering especially for live delivery,” he continued. “Our latest hardware encoding solutions combined with our flexible carrier-class XC5000 Series Video Processing Platform ensure that our solutions are best placed to offer the highest possible encoding and transcoding performance and flexibility.”

IBC also sees the launch of what Appear TV describes as a very high quality dual pass video encoder for primary distribution that the company says provides truly superior coding performance for applications where quality is of the utmost importance such as mezzanine formats created for onward processing in cloud, pool-based applications.