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Affordable 4K replay

The family of Arrow servers is marketed as a budget solution, and the company is positioning the €55,000 Arrow 4K 111 squarely in this camp.

The server allows simultaneous recording of one 4K60p video input and the replay of two clips with transition effects, while searching and marking the recorded material. In recording for NLE mode the server writes two 4K60p channels.

It uses a full-frame 4K codec instead of four separate independent frames. The codec provides a 1200Mbps stream, and export of recorded video for NLE is in ProRes 422, with no need for additional hardware or licence. It can also record two 4K60p channels without compression.

Quad 3G SDI is used for 4K connections. In replay mode, the server works with HD, SD and 3G signals.

The company said its Arrow product line features many live broadcast features and a lot of storage, in a light 2RU chassis.

The Arrow disk subsystem uses spinning disks instead of SSD, said, and these servers have up to 266 hours of 100Mb HD video storage.

The 441 and 442 models have combined HDMI/SD/HD/ SDI inputs. Operators can take advantage of features such as automatic creation of clips and playlists in instant replay mode, and expanded editing capabilities, including editing during playout.