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Google Chromecast is dominant OTT device in EMEA

Figure revealed by new study from video streaming architecture company Bitmovin

A new study of video developers has revealed Google’s Chromecast is the most dominant OTT device in the EMEA region, with over 37 per cent adoption.

The study, from video streaming architecture company Bitmovin, revealed Apple TV is the second most popular device with developers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with 27 per cent adoption.

Amazon Fire came third with 15 per cent adoption and Roku had an eight per cent share.

The worldwide survey also revealed Apple TV is the most popular device in the US, with 38 per cent adoption.

APAC reflects the popularity of Chromescast in EMEA where the device has a 41 per cent adoption rate.

The research also revealed that Appleā€™s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is currently the most popular streaming format among video developers, however 31 per cent will look to use MPEG-DASH in the next 12 months.

Nearly all of the video developers surveyed said they use H.264/AVC codec at 95 per cent adoption. However, the survey results also suggest an increased adoption of the H.265/HEVC video codec over the next year.

The study is based on a survey of 380 video developers in more than 50 countries and analyses what kinds of platforms and video infrastructure technologies developers are using to provide the best content experiences to consumers.