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disguise and NVIDIA to collaborate on new partnership

disguise has announced a collaboration between the two companies that will see it integrate with NVIDIA Omniverse for end-to-end M&E workflows

disguise has announced a new partnership with NVIDIA that will see the companies integrate the NVIDIA Omniverse platform with disguise’s platform for immersive experiences.

The move is aimed at giving creatives the ability to connect their preferred digital content creation (DCC) tools – such as Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max – “in a unified production pipeline”,and “reducing the barrier of entry for accessing media and entertainment workflows”.

NVIDIA Omniverse is “an extensible platform” enabling professionals and teams to create custom 3D pipelines and simulate large-scale virtual worlds.

“By opening up the production pipeline to standard DCC tools, the available talent pool grows dramatically, overcoming talent shortages across media and entertainment,” said Raed Al Tikriti, chief product and technology officer at disguise. “This is the rising tide that lifts all boats. The integration with NVIDIA Omniverse connects content creation tools to industry-leading real-time engines such as Unreal Engine, and opens up future avenues for connecting AI-assisted content creation workflows that are evolving rapidly and taking the industry by storm,”

The integration builds on disguise’s existing RenderStream capabilities, which is a bi-directional protocol transporting rendering information between third-party render engines and disguise, and allows for greater synchronicity of content and tracking data across the production workflow.

“Today’s toughest content production challenges require improved productivity and efficiency,” added Richard Kerris, vice president of Omniverse platform development at NVIDIA. “Through the combination of disguise and NVIDIA Omniverse, technical and creative professionals can take their 3D visualization and virtual production workflows to the next level.”

A preview of the integration will be presented at NVIDIA GTC today at 1pm GMT in a session titled “How to increase productivity in Media & Entertainment with NVIDIA-enabled end-to-end workflows.”