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Nvidia enables developers to integrate AI into everyday media workflows

Lawo, Pebble, RED Digital Cinema, Sony Corporation and Telestream are among the early adopters of Holoscan for Media

Nvidia has launched a software-defined platform that enables developers to easily build live media applications with AI and then deploy them across media platforms.

Holoscan for Media simplifies application development by providing an IP-based, cloud-native architecture that is unconstrained by dedicated hardware, environments or locations, said the company.

Instead, according to Nvdida, it integrates open source and ubiquitous technologies and streamlines application delivery to customers.

Holoscan for Media eases the integration of AI into application development due to its underlying architecture, which enables software-defined video to be deployed on the same software stack as AI applications, including generative AI-based tools.

As the platform is cloud-native, the same architecture can run independent of location, whether in the cloud, on-premises or at the edge, added Nvidia.

The Holoscan for Media architecture includes services like authentication, logging and security, as well as features that help broadcasters migrate to IP-based technologies, including SMPTE ST 2110 Precision Time Protocol for timing and synchronisation, and NMOS controller and registry for device management.

Beamr, Comprimato, Lawo, Media.Monks, Pebble, RED Digital Cinema, Sony Corporation and Telestream are among the early adopters of Holoscan for Media.

Telestream is integrating Holoscan for Media with its Inspect monitoring platform, enabling it to identify and resolve quality issues in real-time. By leveraging the power of Holoscan for Media, Telestream offers broadcasters an innovative solution to ensure their content consistently meets the highest standards of quality and compliance, transforming the landscape of live media monitoring with enhanced efficiency and accuracy, said Telestream.

Advanced Systems Group has also made its Diaquest plugin available for direct communication between Adobe Premiere desktops and the NVIDIA Holoscan for Media platform. The plugin allows for real-time audio and video output from a Premiere desktop (virtual or metal) into Holoscan for Media signal flow, as well as recording directly within Premiere.