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Ai-Media unveils LEXI viewer

LEXI Viewer offers a user-friendly and cost-effective solution to deliver high quality captioning, enhance inclusivity and engage audiences, said the company

Ai-Media has unveiled LEXI Viewer, a new captioning solution that the company said will revolutionise how event organisers captivate and engage audiences.

“Enhancing the live event experience for all individuals is our unwavering commitment, and as pioneers in the industry, we proudly present LEXI Viewer as a groundbreaking solution,” said James  Ward, chief sales officer of Ai-Media. “With the exciting addition of click-to-caption functionality,  coupled with cutting-edge technology and our powerful AI-driven captioning solution, we are  revolutionizing inclusivity and uplifting the engagement of diverse audiences.”

LEXI Viewer offers a user-friendly and cost-effective solution to deliver high-quality captioning and enhance inclusivity, the company added. Users can click their way to captioning, taking full control of LEXI through the front panel LCD screen or a wireless remote. The company said this functionality ensures a captivating and dynamic experience for event organisers and attendees alike.

More specifically, LEXI Viewer boasts an array of display modes that include:

  • Full Screen Mode: Captions are displayed on the entire screen, offering maximum accessibility to a large audience. Various line spacing and text size options are available,  accommodating individual preferences.
  • Background Image Mode: Users can overlay four rows of captions on a custom background image, providing complete configurability of caption appearance, including font, text size,  positioning, and colour. This allows event organisers to maintain their branding while prioritising inclusivity.
  • Caption Decoder Mode: Captions can be displayed over the input video to mimic the behaviour of a consumer caption decoder while offering customszation options for font and text colour.
  • Scaler Mode: Users can maintain full visibility of presentation content by scaling down the input video by 20 per cent and displaying two rows of captions above or below the video.
  • Furthermore, event organisers can enhance captioning security and retain greater control of their data by pairing LEXI Viewer with LEXI Local. This solution provides LEXI automatic captions on-premises, eliminating cloud-related concerns and ensuring complete data privacy.

“We understand the importance of data security and privacy, and our LEXI Local solution addresses these concerns, providing event organizers with enhanced control over their valuable data,” added Ward. “With LEXI Viewer and LEXI Local, we are offering a comprehensive accessibility solution that goes beyond expectations.”