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SVoD market ‘set for contraction’ predicts annual Nostradamus report

Annual Nostradamus report canvasses key figures within TV and film industries

The annual Nostradamus report, which forecasts key trends in the TV and film industries, has predicted that in five years time the SVoD market will have shrunk, with no one single streamer dominating.

The report, presented at the Göteburg Film Festival, speaks to key figures within the TV and film industries, this year including Channel 4 CEO Alex Mahon, Anna Croneman, head of drama at Swedish broadcaster SVT; and Philip Knatchbull, CEO of Curzon.

It says that in five years time no single SVoD will dominate the market, with viewers instead opting to pay for bundles of content. Advertising funded models are expected to become more prominent, particularly for broadcast brands. Broadcasters, meanwhile, will increasingly work hand-in-hand with their streaming service first and will use linear as a “marketing window for their content.”

Knatchbull sounded a warning about the impact of Brexit on both industries, “I’m worried about the UK becoming cut off from Europe,” he said. “Losing the diversity that comes from everybody being able to commingle and not worry about where they’re from and where they’re based.”

The full report can be found at the Göteburg Film Festival’s website.