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Meet the… market analyst

Ellis Bezant, market analyst at Pebble, on being fresh to the industry, going down rabbit holes, and who is pioneering the way forward in our market

Talk us through an average day in your role

No two days are the same. One day I am researching a new piece of technology, the next I’m analysing our internal pipeline and seeing where I can spot trends/patterns which I then present to internal and external stakeholders. I’m responsible for continuously reviewing the market, identifying where we are within it, and seeking out potential adjacent markets. I’m very project driven; I like to establish where I can add value but also highlight where Pebble as a business can provide value to existing and new customer bases. 

Given Pebble is a PLC I also work closely with the CEO to review and plan longer-term strategies in line with market movements. My role means I’ve had the opportunity to liaise with company lawyers to understand the implications of executing strategies to further advance the ambitions of the business.

How did you get started in the media industry?

Pebble is my first role in the industry. I previously worked in electronic components and this experience has proved to be useful in my current role. I can easily understand the supply chain issues we’re seeing across the industry as a result of the hangovers I witnessed working on the component side. There is a strange connection there I didn’t expect to see. I really enjoy being a market analyst for Pebble…it is somewhat of a happy accident and I’m glad I’m here!

What training did you have before entering the industry?

I have a degree in politics from the University of Essex. I’ve always been absolutely fascinated with why things are the way they are, why the current social constructs exist, and understanding human behaviour. What is it to be human in the world we live in?! Working in market research allows me to expand on that passion and apply my natural curiosity about the world in a professional sphere. It helps me understand what’s happening in the market in a holistic and pragmatic way.

Why do you enjoy working in the industry?

The industry is its own beast. It is so varied yet so tight-knit as a community. Where is it heading and who is pioneering the way forward? These are questions I’m regularly asking myself on a day-to-day basis given what I do. I love hearing people talk about the things/technologies they’re passionate about and why. This is something that is in abundance in this industry! I’ve been able to meet so many fantastic people and to have the opportunity to hear what they’re trying to achieve is really rather brilliant.

What piece of advice would you offer someone looking to explore a role similar to yours?

I have the autonomy to manage my time how I see fit and this means I am very self-driven. It isn’t for everyone though. I work very independently yet at other times I need to be highly collaborative. Being a market analyst requires you to be comfortable wearing both hats when it comes to working in solitude and then switching to work with big teams. And the nature of research means you can go down a rabbit hole to establish findings. It can be quite disheartening if it’s decided that a project or piece of work cannot continue. It’s certainly a good way to build resilience! On the other hand, it’s really exciting to see the fruits of my labour, especially when business decisions are being made as a result of my work. I’m very eager to see what happens this year as we have so many exciting things to push forward!