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STV rolls out innovations for Player

Plans to launch picture in picture for web and mobile by September

STV is in the process of rolling out a number of technical innovations for its VoD service STV Player across mobile, TV and web.

The company has already launched a live restart function across all platforms, while next episode autoplay and end of play recommendations are currently being rolled out to viewers.

STV has launched a picture in picture function for web and says it plans to have the function available for iOS and Android in time for September’s Rugby World Cup, when STV and STV Player hold exclusive rights to all 48 live matches in Scotland. The picture in picture function will allow viewers to keep content on their screen while they work.

Simon Pitts, STV’s chief executive, said:  “Our digital vision is for the STV Player to become Scotland’s digital destination. With our Sky launch later this year we will be universally accessible across Scotland for the first time, offering a fantastic range of exclusive, live and on demand content from STV and a range of other broadcasters, on a free or subscription basis.

“We look forward to maintaining this rapid progress, delivering our strategy and generating attractive returns for our shareholders.”