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Interdigital’s Valérie Allie on how Advanced HDR can help reduce energy consumption

Innovations in dynamic metadata explain another significant contribution to the industry's sustainability objectives

Advanced HDR by Technicolor is a collaboration between Philips, InterDigital and Technicolor. As NAB 2024 continues, Valérie Allie, video solutions group director for InterDigital shares her insights into how the solution, a suite of high dynamic range (HDR) production, distribution and display solutions, contributes to savings in energy consumption and delivers efficiencies in the use of infrastructure.


“The team has focused on integrating innovations that enhance viewing experiences while employing cost-effective technologies to diminish the carbon footprint of both HDR and SDR content,” says Allie.

Display adaptation

Reducing energy consumption, according to Allie, at the device level is critical to achieving energy savings. To address this fact, Advanced HDR by Technicolor offers display adaptation technology that ensures the delivery of premium HDR content tailored to the capabilities of receiving devices, regardless of whether they are TVs, mobile devices or tablets.

“Advanced HDR by Technicolor’s dynamic metadata feature allows for the adaptation of peak luminance levels, reducing power and energy consumption without sacrificing the viewing experience,” says Allie.

Single Stream Distribution of SDR and HDR

Innovations in dynamic metadata explain another significant contribution to the industry’s sustainability objectives. The adoption of Single Layer HDR (SL-HDR) – a dynamic and tunable real-time tool that generates and delivers a single, consistent, high-quality stream – transforms HDR input streams into SDR-with-metadata streams to compatible receivers, providing consumers with high-quality HDR images.

“Delivering SDR and HDR content typically requires increased bandwidth and storage to support separate streams and infrastructure. Advanced HDR by Technicolor addresses this challenge by delivering a single SDR stream with metadata that automatically converts video when it recognises
that the receiving device supports HDR,” she says.

This optimises resource utilisation while ensuring accurate rendering across compatible devices.
“In addition, the integration of versatile video coding (VVC) with metadata further enhances compression efficiency, reducing storage requirements and other resource requirements,” says Allie.