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BT Media and Broadcast unveils new innovations at IBC 2023

BT Media and Broadcast is unveiling innovations in coding and the cloud at IBC 2023.


BT Media and Broadcast (BT M&B) has successfully proven virtualised encoding and multiplexing for a complex, multi-region terrestrial television system and the software-based platform is now available for delivery of terrestrial and satellite television.

Through its project with Digital 3&4 (D3&4), BT M&B upgraded ITV and Channel 4’s Freeview channels, with a move to start-to-finish cloud processing for regionalised TV via BT M&B’s intelligent platform, Vena. The development was a landmark transition away from legacy hardware, using Vena to deliver digital encoding and multiplexing securely and reliably, combining multiple content streams into one before onward regional distribution.

BT M&B’s software-based ‘coding and mux’ platform is now available for content providers across terrestrial and satellite. It offers virtualised encoding and multiplexing for improved operational efficiency, lower energy consumption, enhanced flexibility in both production and distribution, and greater regionalisation of channels. The platform itself is highly scalable and more robust.

This is part of a wider project at BT M&B, which is planning to evolve its portfolio though bringing encoding and packaging to market on an industrial scale for OTT content.

BT M&B reveals Cloud Media Connect – bridging the gap between the BT Tower Switch and AWS Elemental MediaConnect

At IBC 2023, BT M&B reveals Cloud Media Connect, a new solution that directly connects FacilityLine (Tower Switch) and AWS Elemental MediaConnect. Bridging the gap by connecting ‘ground to cloud’, Cloud Media Connect is a low latency gateway which enables seamless switching of broadcast-quality live feeds through either environment.

As simple as buying a circuit, the fully BT-managed service proposition empowers broadcasters to widen affiliate ecosystems, boosting ability to produce and distribute brilliant content.

The increasing use of scalable and adaptable cloud environments for workflows has created complexity. Every day, thousands of hours’ worth of content runs through FacilityLine and AWS’ MediaConnect and, until now, connecting these environments has required complex workarounds. Consequently, some of this great content has not necessarily been available to all viewers who might want it. BT M&B is removing the barrier.

As cloud plays a more prominent role in content production and distribution, Cloud Media Connect marks the next step in cloud-centric infrastructure, underpinned by Vena, BT M&B’s intelligent platform.

At its IBC 2023 booth (O.A17), BT M&B is demoing how Cloud Media Connect can facilitate ‘ground to cloud’ connectivity.