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Online viewing spikes during Royal Wedding

UK saw average increase of 225 per cent in traffic during Saturday's event

Saturday’s Royal Wedding led to a significant increase in online viewing for broadcasters according to data from content delivery network Limelight Networks.

According to Limelight’s figures, their customers, including the BBC and Sky, saw an increase in online viewing of 225 per cent compared to the day before.

The three biggest peaks in traffic included (in order of total viewership):

  • First appearance of Meghan Markle
  • Harry and Meghan’s first kiss
  • Beginning of the formal procession

Limelight says the UK experienced a 119 per cent increase in viewers, while the US saw a 343 per cent increase.

Jon Smith, MD of EMEA at Limelight Networks said, “The Royal Wedding demonstrates the growing pressures high-profile events can put on a broadcaster’s network, and without the right CDN in place these additional requests from viewers just cannot be met, resulting in the loss of customers and the loss of revenue. Consumers have very high expectations when it comes to the content they consume, especially video.”