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Nielsen to begin measuring esports viewership

Nielsen will begin measuring viewership of esports events, offering deeper insights into the audience

US data-tracking firm Nielsen has signed a “comprehensive esport measurement agreement” with leading esports companies ESL and DreamHack.

It means Nielsen will begin measuring viewership of esports events, offer deeper insights into the audience, and assess the value of ESL and DreamHack brand partnerships and track their performance.

“Standardised reliable data measured by an independent company like Nielsen is something that has been widely requested from brand partners, advertisers and broadcasters as we have worked to increase monetisation of media and sponsorship rights in esports,” said Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, president and CEO of Modern Times Group, owners of both ESL and DreamHack.

“This exciting new agreement represents an important step to lowering the threshold for media buyers and sponsors to fully commit their investments to esports, for instance via the introduction of KPI’s like Average Minute Audience (AMA), something that traditional sports have provided for years.”

Nielsen entered into an agreement with League of Legends developer Riot Games earlier this year.