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Grass Valley’s Peter Centen awarded Netherlands honour

Receives Order of the Netherlands Lion for technical innovation

Grass Valley VP, R&D cameras, Peter Centen has been awarded the Order of the Netherlands Lion for his contribution to the broadcast industry.

Presented on behalf of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, the honour is granted those who distinguish themselves through artistic achievement, scientific performance, technical innovation or inventive entrepreneurship.

Centen oversaw a number of advancements in camera technology over a 34-year career. His role in transitioning from CCD imagers to CMOS sensors helped enable present-day HD, 4K UHD and HDR imaging. He also invented HD-DPM technology.

Grass Valley general manager and VP, cameras, Marcel Koutstaal said: “This recognition is incredibly well deserved. Peter is a visionary and was a major asset to us at Grass Valley and the industry as a whole.

“It is incredible to see him being honoured for his impactful work, his passion for people and significant contributions to the industry over the last 34 years.”