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Filmmakers to take the spotlight at Video Social event

Pop-up event to run in London on 5-6th February

The organisers of The Photography Show and The Video Show have announced a pop-up event designed to get people involved in filmmaking.

The Video Social event will run in Hackney’s Old Street Gallery on 5-6th February, featuring a range of talks, panels and workshops:

  • Filmmaker Ben Maclean on capturing video content from around the world
  • Mohammed Abdulle, Kirx Diaz, Wowa, Marta Strauss, Ashleigh Jadee and Stephan Knight on their journey to the top of the industry
  • Emma Wilson, Nathalie Holman, Charlene MacNabb, Heather Hughes, Mandy Dhillon and Emily Lowrey on the challenges and opportunities facing women in filmmaking

Find tickets for the Evening Inspiration session and the Women Who Photo and Film panel.