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BuzzMyVideos launches BuzzCollab

BuzzMyVideos has announced the launch of BuzzCollab, the first ever localised tool for online video creators to find collaboration opportunities internationally.

BuzzMyVideos has announced the launch of BuzzCollab, the first ever localised tool for online video creators to find collaboration opportunities internationally.

The multi-platform video network, which in November hit half a billion monthly views, provides a directory of thousands of content creators alongside essential snapshots of their channel performance stats and audience demographics.

A built in search engine also enables users to find the channels that are most compatible with their own target audiences, and search content categories of potential collaborators around the world.

Bengu Atamer, co founder and COO of BuzzMyVideos said:, “If you are a musician and need animation or editing support from another BuzzMyVideos creator, regardless of geographical location, then the possibility of contacting suitable partners and working together is now at a creator’s fingertips.

“Every tool we develop is designed to help creators focus on directly their content, allowing them to tap fully into their creativity while leaving the rest to BuzzMyVideos. BuzzCollab is a real game changer for our creators and will help them power up their channel in a vibrant, open, global community of like minds.”

The main attraction of BuzzCollab for YouTubers is greater access to visibility and growth opportunities. When vloggers of a similar theme work together their reach is multiplied and BuzzCollab empowers users to make this happen. Launching initially to trusted BuzzMyVideos partners, the service will then be quickly rolled out to all vloggers on the network by the year end.

Atamer added, “After contributing significantly to the YouTube Playbook, it was clear that the fastest and easiest way for content creators to enhance their reach is through collaboration and cross-promotion.

“With BuzzCollab we have realised a vision to make this happen across the world and we are very proud that it’s the first tool of its kind localised for our key markets. We’re looking forward to seeing how the BuzzMyVideos community will take their creativity to the next level as a global network as a result.”