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SES unveils OTT synchronisation solution

Distributes signal to OTT platform via IP in tandem with satellite

SES has announced a new solution called Satellite and OTT in Sync, synchronising OTT and satellite broadcasts by delivering IP signals to OTT platforms as fast as satellite.

According to the company, the new solution gives broadcasters the ability to deliver a more consistent viewing experience across multiple screens, by eliminating the delay between their TV broadcast and OTT services.

Satellite and OTT in Sync takes the source signal on its way to the satellite and distributes it via IP in tandem with satellite. By applying low-latency encoding and tuning to the IP stream at the source, the solution can deliver the content to OTT platforms in sync with the satellite signal.

SES CEO Ferdinand Kayser said: “Today’s broadcasters are looking to protect and grow their business by delivering the best experience possible during live events, particularly for premium sports.

“When a fan is watching an important match on an OTT platform and they hear the crowd at the bar down the street cheering before they even see the goal, the disappointment is palpable.

“Being a hybrid video distributor, SES can process video at the source for both satellite and OTT distribution, helping broadcasters deliver a unique, consistent and satisfying end-user experience.”