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Harman patents robotic speakers for VR games and experiences

Company has submitted a patent to map sounds to robotic speakers

Samsung subsidiary Harman wants to bring the sound of virtual reality to the living room through robotic speakers.

According to Variety, the company has submitted a patent to map sounds from VR games and experiences to robotic speakers.

“Audio content that is outputted via static audio devices may not accurately represent the virtual environment and/or virtual objects included in the virtual environment,” said the patent, according to Variety. “For example, sounds outputted by stationary speakers may not accurately reflect the distance, direction, and/or motion between the user and a virtual object included in the virtual environment.”

Harman wants to be able to map VR soundscapes to robotic speakers that would then move around the room where the viewer is. That would make the audio match more closely with the expectations of the user.

The patent goes on to state that Harman researchers envision a number of different types of robotic speakers, from single-wheelers to “a hovering mobility platform based on co-axial rotors, multi-rotors (e.g., quadcopters), or vertical gas jet based propulsion mobility platforms.”