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Dejero, Source Elements aim to boost OB audio file transfers

Companies partner on combination of their technologies

Dejero and Source Elements are working together to make transferring audio files from outside broadcasts back to the studio faster.

The aim is to make it quicker for teams to send back audio over the internet using a combination of Dejero GateWay Smart Blending Technology and Source Elements’ Source-Connect ISDN replacement.

According to the two companies, the combined technology enables users to reliably send live audio from anywhere in the world to any location in real-time. Dejero‚Äôs Smart Blending Technology combines all available network connections, creating a single virtual ‘network of networks’ that is robust and reliable. This enables Source Elements users to send high-quality live audio broadcasts from remote locations.

“Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology gives field production crews greater freedom when producing live remote broadcasts by providing high reliability internet connectivity and flexibly using available IP connectivity,” said Todd Schneider, chief technology officer, Dejero. “This gives production crews greater freedom on their broadcast locations. Source-Connect runs on a laptop connected to a Dejero GateWay router and the real-time, low-latency, high-quality audio is sent directly to the desired destination.”