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Dejero partners with Team Sky for Tour de France

Team will employ in-vehicle mobile connectivity system using Dejero Gateway

Dejero and Team Sky are working together on this year’s Tour de France.

Team Sky will use an in-vehicle mobile connectivity system using Dejero Gateway that will enable the team to receive and deliver race related information where they are on the route.

Team Sky is already employing Dejero Gateway throughout the UCI World Tour as they monitor live TV feeds, track environmental data and social media activity within its ‘follow’ vehicles.

“Our GateWay solution gives Team Sky the assurance that they can receive and deliver race related information in all conditions and all locations,” said Bogdan Frusina, founder, Dejero. “Increasing the reliability and consistency of a signal enables the team to make more informed and faster decisions, putting them ahead of the competition.”

“We love that Dejero GateWay is easy to use and we’ve provided a pretty demanding environment in which to test and develop it — across different continents, harsh terrain, and varying weather systems. If GateWay can work in our world, I’m pretty sure it will work in other worlds with ease,” added Dr Scott Drawer, head of the Team Sky Performance Hub.

The Tour de France begins on 7th July and runs until 29th July.