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Anevia joins Quadrille for OTT over satellite

Partnership provides live TV services for limited-bandwidth situations

Anevia and Quadrille have announced a partnership for offering OTT over satellite.

The joint venture will support live TV services in situations where it was previously unavailable due to limited bandwidth, such as high-speed trains, inflight entertainment, off-shore sites and university campuses.

The solution includes Anevia’s GENOVA smart transcoder and NEA-LIVE packager to prepare live channels, with the OTT stream delivered via satellite using Quadrille’s QuadriLive.

On the receiving end, Anevia’s Flamingo embeds Quadrille’s software to re-transform the signal and enable a multi-screen viewing experience on any smart device in high quality and ultra-low latency.

Quadrille CEO Xavier Battas said: “Quadrille is a leader in delivering content over the air, so our DNA has always been broadcast. Working alongside Anevia is an excellent opportunity to expand our OTT offerings to help content providers keep up with consumer expectations and their viewing habits.”

Anevia sales worldwide enterprise VP Ivonne Prugnaud added: “Consumers increasingly want to watch TV anywhere, at any time, all with a high-quality viewing experience. From live streaming to video on demand, the growing partnership between Quadrille and Anevia will help service providers deliver a unique experience across any network.”