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Alteox, POST Luxembourg launch adaptive streaming solution

Brings over 500 TV channels to operators via IP

Alteox Media Consulting has announced a partnership with POST Luxembourg to offer a new solution to IPTV and OTT operators called

The all-in-one solution will bring more than 500 TV channels via IP to operators who can then stream directly to devices through adaptive streaming or as MpegTS stream to their headend.

The streams will be available encrypted in multiple DRM formats, with the IPTV signal delivery headend located in Luxembourg and connected to a CDN and the Teralink network.  

Most TV and OTT operators currently have huge signal reception costs because they are still operating their own satellite headend stations,” said Alteox Media Consulting CEO Sven Breckler. “Together with our partner, POST Luxembourg, we offer you a unique solution that is both fast and cost effective.”